Come try our unique blend of Indian cuisines, masterfully prepared in our 100% 'scratch' kitchen, using only the finest locally sourced, organic produce and protein, with no added sugar, preservatives, or modified ingredients; even our house made pasta is made from organic semolina flour, the grain milled right here in our store!​

Our lovingly crafted interior boasts ancient Indian Hardwoods, hand linked chandeliers, and an array of buddha statues create a truly calming atmosphere, blended with aromas of fresh herbs, and Indian spices.

The swanky Powell Street restaurant has been in the works for almost five years and serves dishes made with only organic ingredients, making it the first eatery in the city that serves Indian food to do so.

Not only does this place have mind blowing food but they also have an incredibly skilled bar, locally sourced and the food is the most inclusive you can get when it comes to dietary preferences.

Want to feel like you’re on a bougie exotic vacation - look no further than Silk Lounge. The Silk Lounge serves Indian fusion cuisine made with whole, organic, farm-to-table style food.

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    You know when you have a dining experience that is life changing and you just can’t stop telling people about it? I recently was invited to a media opening event for the Silk Dinner Lounge here in Vancouver and it was just that: life changing. I know that might seem dramatic but it is the gosh honest truth.

    Eschelle Westwood, Vancouver

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    Silk Lounge is an Indian fusion restaurant with a ton of flare, and uses organic farm-to-plate ingredients located at 132 Powell St. Just think about all the things you love about Indian food, but with a modern fusion twist.

    Kirt and Rochelle Mopas - VancityDuo, Vancouver

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    When it comes to new age dining, Vancouver has a small hole in the genre. We have farm-to-table eateries, Middle Eastern hovels, but anything remotely eclectic is usually divey or just a nightclub. Gastown's newest opening, Silk Lounge, is a premier destination making a splash in midrange dining with an interior that rivals the finest of them all.

    Hanson Do, Vancouver


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